Animals Playlist
  1. Sleater Kinney - The Fox
  2. Smoosh - The Quack
  3. Bikini Kill - Star Fish
  4. Of Montreal - Vegan in Furs
  5. Neon Lipstick - Bradley The Disco Dinosaur
  6. I'm From Barcelona - Chicken Pox
  7. Test Icicles - Boa Vs Python
  8. Chicks on Speed - Culture Vulture
  9. The Wrens - Such A Pretty Lie
  10. Architecture in Helsinki - The Owls Go
  11. Animal Collective - Who Could Win A Rabbit
  12. Belle and Sebastien - Funny Little Frog
  13. Detroit Cobras - Bye Bye Baby
  14. Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
  15. Le Tigre - Well, Well, Well
  16. Felix Da Housecat - Everyone is Someone in LA
  17. The Brunettes - Whale in the Sand
  18. Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes
  19. Tiger Army - Cupid's Victim
  20. Thunderbirds Are Now! - Cobra Feet
  21. Tapes n Tapes - Cowbell
  22. Spoon - Paper Tiger
  23. Wolf Parade - You Are A Runner, I Am My Fathers Son
  24. The Walkmen - The Rat
  25. The Strokes - Reptillia
  26. Minus The Bear - Dog Park
  27. Stereolab - Space Moth
  28. Idiot Pilot - A Day in the Life of a Poolshark
  29. Grizzly Bear - Alligator
  30. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion
  31. Blonde Redhead - Elephant Woman
  32. Patrick Wolf - Pigeon Song
  33. Ani Difranco - Seeing Eye Dog
  34. The Unicorn - I was Born [a Unicorn]
  35. Modest Mouse - Wild Packs of Family Dogs
  36. Antony and the Johnsons - Bird Gerhl
  37. Azure Ray - We Are Mice
  38. Jenny Lewis - Rabbit Fur Coat
  39. Cat Power - Werewolf
  40. The Boy Least Likely To - My Tiger My Heart
  41. Sufjan Stevens - The Predatory Wasp of the Pallisades is Out to Get Us
  42. Iron and Wine - Lions Mane
  43. CocoRosie - Noah's Ark
Xtra Files

CocoRosie - Fact File
Band Members-Bianca Leilani "Coco" and Sierra Rose "Rosie" Casady
Hometown -Paris, France
Genre - Freak Folk
Peak Period of Music -Current
Interesting Fact - They made a hip hop album called 'Word to the Crow' which was never released!
Big Hit - Beautiful Boyz featuring Antony [from Antony and the Johnsons]
Influenced By - Opera
Album to Buy - Le Maison De Mon Reve
Where Are They Now - Sierra has started a  new band with friend Matteah Beigh called Metallic Falcons. It is rumoured that CocoRosie will release a new album in 2009, but not on their current record label Tough and Go records.
Recommended if you like - Joanna Newsom, Antony and the Johnsons, Patrick Wolf, Cat Power, Devendra Banhart, Bat for Lashes

X-Ray Spex

Punk Playlist
  1. New York Dolls - Personality Crisis
  2. Iggy Pop - The Passenger
  3. Punks on 45 - Medley
  4. The Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
  5. The Damned - Love Song
  6. The Clash - Rock the Casbah
  7. 999 - Nasty Nasty
  8. Vicious White Kids - Belsen Was A Gas
  9. Jilted John - Jilted John
  10. The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet
  11. The Ramones - Pet Semetary
  12. Devo - Mongoloid
  13. The Saints - This Perfect Day
  14. Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
  15. Spizz Energi - Where's Captain Kirk?
  16. Nick Lowe - So It Goes
  17. Penetration - Don't Dictate
  18. The Moondog - She's 19 [Good Vibrations]
  19. Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
  20. The Banned - Little Girl
  21. The Maniacs - Chelsea 1977
  22. The Motors - Airport
  23. Ultravox - Rock Wrok
  24. Tenpole Tudor - Who Killed Bambi?
  25. Slaughter and the Dogs - Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?
  26. The Stiffs - Inside Out
  27. Rich Kids - Rich Kids
  28. Adam and the Ants - Antmusic
  29. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Love In A Void
  30. Sid Vicious - My Way
  31. Stiff Little Fingers - At The Edge
  32. The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy
  33. The Skids - Into the Valley
  34. The Ruts - Something That I Said
  35. The Vapours - News At Ten
  36. The Pork Dukes - My Mother Gave Me A Gun For Christmas
  37. The Tubes - Don't Touch Me There
  38. Cockney Rejects - Greatest Cockney Rip Off
  39. X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescent
  40. Blondie - Rip Her To Shreds
  41. Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
  42. The Exploited - Dead Cities
  43. Vice Squad - Last Rockers
  44. GBH - No Survivors
  45. The Slits - Typical Girls
Xtra Files

X-Ray Spex  - Fact File
Band Members-Poly Styrene, Lora Logic, Jak Airport, Paul Dean, Rudi Thomson, BP Hurding
Hometown -London, England
Genre - Punk
Peak Period of Music -70s/90s
Interesting Fact - Poly Styrene shaved her head at Johnny Rotten's flat!
Big Hit - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
Influenced By - Sex Pistols
Album to Buy - Germ Free Adolescents
Where Are They Now - They played a comeback gig to 3000 people at Roundhouse, London in 2008, the dvd and cd of which will be coming out this year.  
Recommended if you like - The Slits, Blondie, 999, The Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols

Talking Heads

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Honeybear
  2. The Go! Team - Panther Dash
  3. Sleater Kinney - I Wanna Be Yr Joey Ramone
  4. Tegan and Sara - Monday Monday Monday
  5. Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
  6. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood 1 [tunnels]
  7. The New Pornographers - Use It
  8. The Unicorns - I Was Born [A Unicorn]
  9. Islands - Rough Gem
  10. Metric -Dead Disco
  11. Feist - Mushaboom
  12. Hot Hot Heat - Talk To Me, Dance With Me
  13. The Stills - Changes Are No Good
  14. Wolf Parade - You Are A Runner, I Am My Fathers Son
  15. Tokyo Police Club - Your English is Good
  16. The Faint - Birth
  17. Patrick Wolf - Accident and Emergency
  18. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
  19. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
  20. Foals - Cassius
  21. The Shins - We Will Become Silhouettes
  22. The Brunettes - Mars Loves Venus
  23. Tilly and the Wall - The Freest Man
  24. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Over and Over [Lost and Found]
  25. Camera Obscura - Razzle Dazzle Rose
  26. Hairspray OST - Good Morning Baltimore
  27. The Strokes and Regina Spektor - Post Modern Girls
  28. Boy Least Likely To - Monsters
  29. Smoosh - Massive Cure
  30. Adele - Chasing Pavements
Xtra Files

The Talking Heads - Fact File

Band Members-David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison
Hometown -New York, USA
Genre - New Wave/Post Punk/Art Punk
Peak Period of Music -70s/80s/90s
Interesting Fact - They're in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!
Big Hit - Psycho Killer
Influenced By - Fela Kuti
Album to Buy - More Songs About Buildings And Food
Where Are They Now - Retired, though they have continued their careers individually through producing and recording.
Recommended if you like - Echo and the Bunnymen, Devo, David Byrne

Bat for Lashes

Halloween Playlist
  1. Bat For Lashes - Wizard
  2. Blonde Redhead - Magic Mountain
  3. Castanets - The Devils In The Details
  4. Patrick Wolf - Wolf Song
  5. Cat Power - Werewolf
  6. The Smiths - Handsome Devil
  7. Azure Ray - Devils Feet
  8. Laura Marling - Ghosts
  9. Joanna Newsom - Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
  10. Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost
  11. Backstreet Boys - Everybody
  12. Fiery Furnaces - Wolf Notes
  13. Laura Veirs - Shadow Blues
  14. CocoRosie - The Sea Is Calm
  15. Regina Spektor - Prisoners
  16. Dresden Dolls - Necessary Evil
  17. P:ano - Monster Mash
  18. The Cramps - Fever
  19. Nouvelle Vague - Human Fly
  20. The Faint - Take Me To The Hospital
  21. Ladytron - Light and Magic
  22. Spice Girls - Lady is a Vamp[ire]
  23. Kevin Blechdom - Torture Chamber
  24. Justice - Phantom
  25. Animal Collective - Unsolved Mysteries
  26. Of Montreal - Death of a Shade of a Hue
  27. Architecture in Helsinki - The Cemetary
  28. Ramones - Pet Semetary
  29. Bat for Lashes - Bats Mouth
Xtra Files

Bat For Lashes - Fact File

Band Members-Natasha Khan
Hometown -England
Genre - Freak Folk/Just Plain Magical
Peak Period of Music -Current
Interesting Fact - Used to work as a nursery teacher
Big Hit - Daniel
Influenced By - Steve Reich and Susan Hiller
Album to Buy - Fur and Gold
Where Are They Now - Her second album Two Suns came out in April 2009, reaching no. 5 on the UK album chart.
Recommended if you like - My Brightest Diamond, Lykke Li, CocoRosie, Patrick Wolf, Pj Harvey, Antony and the Johnsons

The Innocence Mission

  1. Owen - Skin and Bones
  2. CocoRosie - Sea Is Calm
  3. Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do
  4. Dresden Dolls - Slide
  5. Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl
  6. Rilo Kiley - Breakin' Up
  7. Postal Service - Nothing Better
  8. Feist - Mushaboom
  9. Conor Oberst - Get Well Cards
  10. Bright Eyes and Her Space Holiday - Contrast and Compare
  11. Deseparacidos - Man and Wife, The Latter [Damaged Goods]
  12. Tilly and the Wall - I Always Knew
  13. Azure Ray - November
  14. The Innocence Mission - Where Does The Time Go?
  15. Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy Jr
  16. The Innocence Mission - Lakes of Canada
  17. My Brightest Diamond - We Were Sparkling
  18. Castanets - You Are the Blood
  19. Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games
  20. Animal Collective - Did You See The Words
  21. Annuals - Brother
  22. Laura Marling - Old Stone
  23. Cat Power - I Don't Blame You
  24. Dog On Leash - Lips
  25. Iron and Wine  - Bird Stealing Bread
  26. American Football - Never Meant
  27. Nick Drake - Day Is Done
  28. Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
Xtra Files

The Innocence Mission - Fact File

Band Members-Karen and Don Peris, Mike Bitts
Hometown -Pennsylvania, USA
Genre - Christian Folk
Peak Period of Music -80s/90s/current
Interesting Fact - Husband and Wife act!
Big Hit - Lakes of Canada
Influenced By - God
Album to Buy - Birds of My Neighborhood
Where Are They Now - A new album is due out soon
Recommended if you like - Sufjan Stevens, Denison Witmer, Joseph Arthur

Flight of the Conchords

  1. Tilly and the Wall - Fell Down the Stairs
  2. The Faint Ft. Bright Eyes - Dust
  3. Felix Da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear
  4. Fischerspooner - Never Win
  5. Frou Frou - Let Go
  6. Why? - Fall Saddles
  7. Fiery Furnaces - Single Again
  8. Le Tigre - Fake French
  9. Fear of Flying - One Night Friend
  10. The Go! Team - Feelgood By Numbers
  11. Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopapotamus Vs Rhymenocerous
  12. Belle and Sebastien - Funny Little Frog
  13. Chicks on Speed - Fashion Rules
  14. The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
  15. Animal Collective - Fireworks
  16. Sleater Kinney - Fox
  17. Of Montreal - Faberge Falls For Shuggie
  18. Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life
  19. Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt 1
  20. Morrisey - First of the Gang to Die
  21. Foals - Red Sock Pugie
  22. Antony and the Johnsons - For Today I Am A Boy
  23. Feist (cover of Broken Social Scene) - Lovers Spit
Xtra Files

Flight of the Conchords - Fact File

Band Members-Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement
Hometown -New Zealand
Peak Period of Music -Current
Interesting Fact - Bret formerly played in the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
Big Hit - Business Time
Influenced By - David Bowie
Album to Buy - Flight of the Conchords
Where Are They Now - The second series of the tv show came out recently, which will soon be followed by a coinciding album named I Told You I Was Freaky
Recommended if you like - Demetri Martin, Mighty Boosh

Foals Interview

  1. The Shins - Australia
  2. Le Tigre - Deceptacon
  3. Foals Interview Part 1
  4. Foals - Cassius
  5. Ladytron - Another Breakfast With You
  6. Felix Da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear
  7. Miss Kittin - Love Is Stronger Than Pride
  8. Mount Sims - How We Do
  9. Fiery Furnaces - Single Again
  10. Erase Errata - Driving Test
  11. Foals Interview Part 2 
  12. Foals - Hummer
  13. The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual
  14. Julie Ruin - Breakout A Town
  15. White Lies - Unfinished Business
  16. Arcade Fire - Rebellion [lies]
  17. Annuals - Dry Clothes
  18. Foals - Interview Part 3
  19. Foals - Astronoughts and All
  20. The Postral Service - We Will Become Silhouettes
  21. The Elected - My Baby's A Dick
  22. Tilly and the Wall - Bad Education
  23. Architecture in Helsinki - It's 5
  24. The Brunettes - Loopy Loopy Love
  25. Stars - Elevator Love Letter
  26. Foals Interview Part 4
  27. Foals - Balloons
  28. Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof
  29. Broken Social Scene - Anthems of a 17 Year Old Girl
Xtra Files

Foals - Fact File

Band Members- Yannis Philippakis(Vocals and guitar), Jack Bevan (Drums), Jimmy Smith (Guitar), Edwin Congreave (Keyboard), Walter Gervers
Hometown -Oxford, England
Genre - Math Rock/Indie
Peak Period of Music -Current
Interesting Fact - Yannis and Edwin are both Oxford drop outs!
Big Hit - Cassius
Influenced By - Math Rock, Afro Beat
Album to Buy - Antidotes
Where Are They Now - Currently working on their second album and due to play several festivals this summer. 
Recommended if you like - Youthmovies, 65 Days of Static, Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier, Bloc Party, The Maccabees, Friendly Fires

Foals Interview

Oxford based band Foals have recently exploded onto the music scene, known for their tendency to play house parties and their violent gigs. Having only released an EP and three singles so far, they have already secured themselves a tour with Bloc Party and slots at the biggest summer festivals in Britain. Shadi-Sade Sarreshtehdarzadeh catches up with lead singer Yannis to find out how they are managing with their whirlwind experience…



You released your first single in 2006 and now you’re touring with Bloc Party and were on the main stage at Field Day Festival, how have you coped with your sudden success?

Umm pretty badly, pretty badly, you know selling out takes its toll on your soul.

I mean its been great, it’s been really really good,  particularly this tour where we’ve been headlining, it’s been really good for our confidence to play for crowds that know us. I really like our crowds because the crowds that come to our shows are really diverse and our shows are violent as well which is fun. It’s been cool,

the only thing is we get pretty tired and homesick but other than that everything’s swell, everything is peachy.


You start your tour with Bloc Party in a couple weeks. Are you excited? Nervous?

Well we already did a week with them in Europe which was great but the size of shows is pretty nerve-wracking. We had to play to 10,000 people in Dublin which was pretty weird. The thing that everyone says that’s true is that after a couple of rows you just cant see anyone…But we’re really honoured for them to ask us on tour, we’re big fans of them. I think it’s really cool that they’ve taken us on and Metronomy as well who are our friends. Both our bands are relatively small, they’re all really sweet. We went out to a funfair in Hamburg after our show and we went on like dodgems and stuff, it was pretty sweet.


Your next single Balloons comes out on December 10th, when can we expect a full album release?

In March

That’s when you start your next tour isn’t it, the big one?

Yeah, those are our only dates in Britain this year.After Christmas, other than festivals in the summer, the only British shows are those eight in march, everything else is international. We’re going to Japan and America so i’m pretty excited. As exciting as it is touring in Brtiain that’s the trouble of it as well..


What can we expect from the album?

Its very different from the live show and what we sound live, it’s a lot less relentless, a lot more organic, a bit softer sounding and there are lots of new songs.

Do you think it will go down ok with your fans that you’ve changed, especially since you’re whole career so far is based on your live sound?

I hope so, I mean, we’ve already got some stick for change and stuff and not putting hummer on. Fundamentally, our band is interested in communicating to as many people as possible and also for the five of us to feel alright about it and we wouldn’t have felt alright about it if we made a record that sounded like we did live or that had songs like hummer on it. It’s the kind of record that if you listen to it in the right way and you’re not expecting it to be some ear candy pop gem record, which is what most indie rock records are like at the moment, then, if you go and listen to the album from start to finish, I think there’s so much and on so many repeated listens I think there’s  hopefully something new that will engage the listener. It might be a period of reacclimatising, the re-education of ears.


You’ve always been very honest with the press about your views on other bands, giving the thumbs down to hard-fi, neu-rave, and bands that ‘sell out’. What music DO you like and what are your views on the Guardian comparing you to the Klaxons?

We’ve just been stupid or drunk…

You know, I’m not surprised, I think basically when the albums out these comparisons won’t be viable, not those comparisons anyway. The record doesn’t sound like a punk funk record, It doesn’t even really sound like a dance record.

We try not to listen to very much rock music anymore.

Why is that?

Because there’s so much amazing music from all parts of the world. To me, we grew up listening to rock music and the mainstream rock records that are coming out these days to me aren’t that exciting and what is exciting is listening to African music from the 60s or dance music or hip hop or something that’s fresh to us. We listen to all sorts of music whether it be by people that are dead now or people who are trying to make music for the future but as long as it doesn’t only have three chords then I’m down with that.


Bands with similar sounds to your own like Battles, Youthmovies and 65daysofstatic are gaining popularity, would you say Math-rock is making a come back?

Mattthh roooccckkk. I don’t know I mean what the fuck is math rock. What I find funny is we made Foals to basically irritate all the math rock people in Oxford and make something that was just straightforward and fun and that was poppy, that was the intention behind the band. In Oxford there’s become this very high brow, self applauding, chin stroking sort of scene where you each have to have a longer band name than the last like “Meanwhile back in communist Russia meets Sunnyvale noise sub element”. I find it funny now when we get called Math Rock because all the people who actually like Math Rock don’t like our band so I really like it, its like there’s this brilliant irony. Youthmovies and Battles and stuff are awesome though.


How would you describe your sound and would you say you’ve been more heavily influenced by Math-rock, Electro or Indie?

I don’t know, I just think its pop music really, to be honest, or like dance. We try to make some of it more danceable with guitars. I just think its weird because its kind of slightly offbeat pop music. The album is far less electro influenced because when we were doing Hummer we were all into techno and electro and we’re not so much into it now. The album was influenced by afro beat stuff and bands like Talking Heads, it’s much more organic and worldly sounding. There’s a lot of African percussion and brass on the record, that’s what we’re influenced by now, more like folk music or like world music.


Let’s talk about house parties. You play at them. A lot. How many house parties do you think you’ve played so far and what does a Foals fan have to do to get you to play at their party?

I don’t know how many we’ve played at, its not that many, its just the ones we do tend to make a bigger impression because they’re pretty crazy. Maybe 15 at the most, it is quite a lot yeah. We can’t really do them that much anymore whereas before if somebody myspaced us we would do it, now its just generally too much hassle and because we’re playing and touring so rigorously its kind of the last thing we want to do after a gig is another show. I mean we’re still going to do them for our friends and stuff and do the occasional one.  It just becomes difficult when you have a tour manager and an itinerary and a hotel, the moment the organisational people come in it becomes kind of difficult to convince them that it’s a good idea to go and trash somebody’s house.


Speaking of myspace, have you ever got any creepy messages/stalkers?

There are some people that are a little bit keen, a little bit worryingly into our band. We’ve had hate mail and stuff, we did this one show in Brighton at Loop festival and then got this message from this 35 year old man just slagging us off, he just hated us. You get stuff like that occasionally. I tell you what is weird, this Japanese girl messaged us the other day saying ‘take a look at my photos’, so I went onto her my photos section and there wasn’t any photos of her and there were 4 photos of Hard-Fi and 7 photos of us and they were photos of us that I had never seen, like never ever seen.

Don’t you guys hate Hard-Fi?

Yeah exactly that was pretty funny, I was like oh my god she likes Hard-Fi and she likes us. Flattering. Yeah and there were these photos of us I’d never seen. They weren’t photos of us playing live, they were like us just hanging out and I was like where the fuck have you got this stuff from! It was pretty weird.


You did a guest appearance on Skins recently, some of your older fans have complained that this has led to a flux in crazy scene teen fans that are spoiling gigs for them, what with their manic moshing and accident prone ways. What’s your response to this phenomena? Are you concerned your older fans might be put off seeing you live?

Well I think, the only thing I read is I went on our forums the other day and there were these kids that had been to an all ages show and didn’t like it because the kids were too bouncey or whatever but like, just go to an over 18s show! I don’t think its something we have to think about or whatever…I mean the skins thing is kind of weird because it definitely has opened us up to a much younger and a much more…I wouldn’t say mainstream but they got to hear about us quicker than they would have otherwise perhaps so its been good in that respect.


What lies in the future of Foals?

Got the rest of these shows, then a little break for Christmas, then I’m producing this band for like a week, The Great Eskimo Hoax, if you like Youthmovies you should check them out. Then we’re back in Barcelona on the 18th January and then that’s when all the touring starts again and then there’s another single coming out after Balloons and then the album release in March

So its basically like constant touring

Getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

Yeah and more and more tired…


Foals new single Balloons comes out on December 10th.